Pitivi, the GTK-based open source video editor for Linux desktops has received a huge update.

Pitivi 2020.09 is the first major release of this free non-linear video editor since 2018. But based on the change-log (recapped below) it’s been well worth the wait.


And yes, that is Pitivi 2020.09 and not Pitivi 1.0. The team has switched to a a date-based versioning scheme starting with this release (why? We’ll get to that).

Anyone who’s kept tabs on Linux-related Google Summer of Code efforts over the past few years will find some of what’s highlighted below familiar. The project has attracted a diverse contributor base and they’ve been diligently working on adding some great new capabilities.

For instance there’s now a plugin system. This is designed to ‘extend Pitivi functionality’ in the medium-term, and is currently targeted at ‘teams of editors’ rather than effect makers. There’s also a developer console plugin for interacting with the app through Python too.

A new greeter replaces the old welcome wizard and provides a much more immersive overview of current/existing projects.

The app now uses scaled proxy clips if optimized media is too much for your machine to handle; the editing state is restored when reopening a project; and (personal favourite) y

Using video effects is easier in this release. The effects library has been redesigned; you can favorite effects for quick access; and the clip effects UI has been reworked to make working on multiple effects at the same time possible.

Pitivi 2020.09 features/changes also include:

  • Easy Ken-Burns effect
  • Viewer size snaps at 50% when resized
  • Timeline markers
  • Support for nested timelines
  • Refactored Media Library
  • Streamlined Render Dialog UI
  • Composition guidelines in the Viewer
  • Support for solid color clips
  • Ability to mute or hide an entire layer
  • New keyboard shortcuts for pros

Keen to kick the tyres on all of that? You can install Pitivi 2020.09 on Linux as a Flatpak app, available on Flathub:

Get Pitivi on Flathub

If you’re not a fan of Flatpak then do check out your distro’s archives. It likely has an older (but still usable) version of the app. Hopefully a Snap, PPA, or AppImage appears in time. With such a great set of improvements on offer it’d be great for more people to enjoy them.

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